Nightlife Booking iOS Application

Concept + User Research + UI/UX Design + Web/API/iOS Development

The Idea

SURV’s founder wanted to make nightlife easier to navigation, more accessible, and transparent. His idea was a booking app where venue information, prices, and availability can all be quickly browsed through and a final booking made without having to call multiple places and get information. Essentially a mobile marketplace to connect buyers with sellers.

The Result

Vital Dynamx worked with SURV to come up with a concept of how the app should look, feel, and function. After a few wireframes and user flows we proceeded with a full visual design that was loaded into a mobile prototyping app to test against targeted users and subsequently finalize the UI/UX. Mobile and API development was then started along with a complex payment transfer system that moves money between user and venues while allowing for SURV to take different commissions on different transactions. Finally responsive web interface was built for venue managers to update a venue profile with pictures, inventory, pricing, etc.

Color Palette


Primary Font

Proximanova ( Bold, Light, Thin )

Secondery Font

Helvetica ( Bold, Light )

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails 4.2.5
HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript 1.8.5
Objective-C 2.0
MySQL 5.7
Heroku | AWS